Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I transferred

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been a while, but I've been blogging! You just haven't been notified, and for that, I do apologize. Subscribe to my new blog at www.ironsheek.wordpress.com immediately, it is really really cool looking (Zoolander Voice)! Sorry for the confusion, if there was any. See you soon! Subscribe, and tell your friends!

I am @Ironsheek

Monday, August 15, 2011

NASA, Where Art Thou?

I've got my eyes on you, NASA. One Human lunar landing and the discovery of Memory Foam is not enough. Since I was a young lad who was handed a crispy Weekly Reader by Mrs. Watts, I grew to expect the cutting edge in Scientific Application, not Scientific Inquiry. Questions are good, but only when they serve a progressive purpose, you know, like, the pursuit of an answer?

As the day wears on, it would appear as though you're way better at asking questions than answering them. Well, we need answers. The world needs your help, see what happens when you leave the pressing issues of the day to politicians who are not pressed about the issues of the day? They believe in tanks, not think tanks.

Mankind has a propensity for destruction, why do you think they're so consumed with finding a planet just like the one we already live on? We need spare planets already?! We're walking Doomsday Devices, and our planet is wired to detonate. Is that why they felt that space exploration was necessary? I only ask because we're still discovering this planet.

Wait, there has been scientific advancement. Has it been in the interest of humanity or has it accelerated our detriment?

We can't afford to heal the ill but have new weapons that kill.

I am @Ironsheek

Friday, June 10, 2011


Babies are decent, themselves. But parents, do not wield them as though they're cute Nunchakus. They're not all cute, but they are hybrids of you. Tilt your head back, and ingest some truth....

Look around you, you'll notice legions of people leading very different lives. Some are pedestrian, a few are talented, some are attractive, and some are aesthetically deficient. Are they anywhere near the person that they planned to be? Are they better than, or worse than? The adults that you see today are the result of a defaced and abandoned youth. They were once babies, you know, the helpless things that functioned as alarm clocks... the little wobbly people that you grew fond of because their relentless need to receive, taught you how to give. They were are all teeming with human potential, and that is to be coveted.

They're considered precious because the human ego sees that bundle of joy as an extension of them, what? Yes. Even more you? Of course! Nature is brilliant. The Ego that you possess drives you to create something just like you, should the you that you are now, fail. Unfortunately, when they make copies of themselves, they tend to cancel their plans entirely. Alternate life forms reproduce out of necessity, humans like to reproduce by accident. Name a couple who marked "Coitus" on their calender.

Higher-beings have the ability to create catalysts that will grant them access to their lower-self, and the opportunity to squander other opportunities while simultaneously creating new opportunities. You can give a personal thanks to alcohol, deafening clubs, insecurity, and my uncanny ability to persuade you. That's higher brain function for you. It's the Call of Duty smoke screen used to occupy you, while your biological processes work diligently in the background to find a way to continue your make and model.

Our inherent desire to destroy, necessitates the need to create... which increases the likelihood that we will destroy because we aren't as driven to consciously create. Some of our best creations were accidents. It is our nature, and that is Nature.

Did you expect that ending when you started from the beginning? Comment, share, share, and comment. I wanted to keep the aforementioned story somewhat vague (i.e I used babies as a symbol to see what you would draw from it) Enjoy your Friday!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life doesn't require you, and that is why it is precious

Life can be a playground, if you understand that it's a game. A game is something that you play, to win or to lose. You must be aware of the game and its simple set of rules if you are to play effectively. Either you play the game, or you fall victim to the players that are playing the game.

Life will become your prison if you do not have a plan for it, it can be a rough draft, that's fine... but you need one. I say this because your life is simply a loan for a project that you may not ever begin to work on. Guess what happens when you're given a loan? You have to pay it back whether you effectively allocated the funds to meaningful endeavor or not.

When Life reclaims what it has allowed you to borrow, what will your project look like? Did you use every Simoleon (The Sims Reference) on your project, while others could've used a hand? Did you fixate on everyone else's individual project while your project gathered dust? You must strike a clever balance, but never sacrifice your entire life for someone or something that only intended to use yours. Life doesn't require you, and that is why it's so precious.

Sometimes, to be unselfish is to be irresponsible. I'm aware of the aforementioned's negative connotation but, hey, you know that there's a method to my madness. You must be selfish at certain points in your life so that you can give yourself the opportunity to ascend to your fullest potential. Nobody else will do that for you, nor do they see it within their purview. If you water the neighbors plants, but forget about yours, they will wither and you only have yourself to blame.

Your project needs attention, so you must give it attention. You must take pride in it, pick up the sticks and play the game! Why? Because that is what life is. Life has chosen to give you a loan, do not default with nothing to show for it, because you will have to pay it all back anyhow.

I am @Ironsheek

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Hangover 2

Surely, you've seen the blockbuster hit "Hangover: Part 2" by now, if not, why so reticent? Oh, you must be the "I'll wait for the DVD" type. Today, I review the critically-acclaimed comedy --disdained by the critics-- "Hangover: Part 2" featuring our beloved Wolf Pack.

Stu, Phil, and Alan --Absentee Doug doesn't count in any way, shape, or form-- set out on another pre-marital quest to have absolutely no recollection of the pre-marital quest. The first mistake became their second, reluctantly, and that mistake was bringing Alan along. In a masochistic way, it behooves them to bring the off-kilter Alan along for our comedic benefit... at their expense.

The Hangover: Las Vegas ------> Thailand, and the plot was a mere heart transplant. You could call it "The Hangover 1.....point 2..... Stu gets married.... Doug is absent again, he's so not in the Wolf Pack ........ and Doug 2.0 is known as "Teddy"....who also gets misplaced...Sorry, but we figured we'd make another mint while selling you the same movie twice because we're good like that"

Aside from the nearly identical story arc, the movie still generated hearty laughter tears. Mr. Chow was more of a fixture in the second installment, and the talented Ken Jeong's penis was exploited again, what a shameless comedic device.

It didn't take long for the entire plot to unfurl within the first 25 minutes of the movie, but we trusted the original formula enough to accept what was to come. Lackadaisical on the writer's part, and ingenious on the Producer's part as it grossed over 200 million dollars worldwide.

Craig Mazin has signed on to write The Hangover 3, uh, because he wrote the first two, let's just hope that he finds the same inspiration for the third one that he had for creating the original Hangover. Oh, and Alan could not possibly drug the Wolf Pack again.... How about using excessive alcohol consumption as the catalyst to creating The Hangover 3, you know, like most hangovers....

I am @Ironsheek

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is it early or late

It is 2:14am and I'm awake, well, obviously... hence, the typing and all. I have a lot going on, and a lot on my mind. Luckily enough, my inhibition is more like a prison guard that has been paid by some king-pin on the outside to vacate his post. My thoughts escape me, I take that back, I release them.

I'm relaxing though, I only have another month remaining before the move to New York. Aside from a potential overdose of relaxation, the only order of business is to secure a nice pad up there for the next year. After that? Who knows where in Hades I'll be. That, my friend, is the fun part.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Been a While Since I Last Posted

It's been a while since my last blog post, but you already knew that. Why? Because some of you have been anticipating my next post. See? It isn't rocket science. No one thought to check on the author's well-being though DID they? No, and that's just the way that people are. They feel that they're entitled to the life that they lead, and that nothing could separate them from that life. Therefore, they grow accustomed to receiving a gift from the world, and not being the gift.

Let me tell you. The aforementioned rant was "faux", I could care less about your negligence but let me say that it's great to be back! I've been writing --mostly in my mind or on Facebook/Twitter, which is a mirror that reflects the writing in my mind--but not blogging.

A lot has happened, my great 7-month stint as a Car Salesman has come to a close, and a new Chapter has opened in my story. Graduate School. Yes, that is the culprit! That's the reason I've been recluse and secluded from the blogosphere. Priorities, now they're getting in order.

I've been awarded a Fellowship to Syracuse University and I will be getting my Master's in their Television Radio and Film program. I'll hone my writing, learn about the inner workings of TV and Film Production, and explore ways to inject my perspective into radio as well. It will, indeed, be what Dane Cook would call a "Blasty-Blast." Hmm, maybe I could've called that something cooler. I'm, uh, open to suggestions. I digress.

So there, that's a minute portion of what I've been up to all this time. You know me, I am an Enigma. By the way --or "BTW" in sext talk-- my new Twitter Name is @E___NIGMA and don't mind the underscore, some way-less-interesting-person took the word that probably doesn't adequately define him or her. Damn their kind.